Thursday, November 1, 2012

Profit From Mobile Social Media Revolution

Content has been  once the  King , Now in 2012 ,  Mobile Social Connection will be the New King 

Today, the world has started embracing the fact that Mobile Social Media provides a real-time experience.  It utilizes both the processing and mobility advantage which smartphones offer.

Real-time experience means that we can reach out and engage with friends, associates and customers at any time, place at anywhere without constraints. Consumers are sharing information and, at the same time, gaining immense knowledge at a faster speed. This is thanks to the services like text messaging, tweets, social media posts and blogposts. The world is witnessing a shift in how people discover and share information using mobile internet enabled devices.

The Easy Access of the Internet on smartphones and other mobile devices has changed the way people communicate and consume information. It has created new ways of information dissemination and consumption; and it is still on its way to creating new ones. These allow consumers to make more and more quickly and informed decisions based on real-time datas on-the-go.  

What does this mean for businesses and enterprises throughout the World?

As consumers start to adapt to the power of mobile devices, it will cause a domino effect on every economy and starts to transform. It will adapt to the new mobile technologies which has proven to be challenging. Mobile social media technologies have proven to be highly effective and valuable when consumed on the go and especially whenever and wherever businesses are concerned. 

As people start to weather the storm of the new media technology blast and fast exchanges from it;
It also increased the demand for more processing power and the bandwidth for their internet enabled devices. This is for better communication and better audio and video capabilities, especially for the mobile phones or tablets. Such demands allow users to communicate more effectively and  progressively it will revolutionize into a whole new commercial paradigm shift; from personal computers to Mobile Internet enabled technology. These will bring on New and engaging opportunities and add more value to businesses throughout  the  world.

Welcome to the Mobile device revolution , the  twentieth century  paradigm  shift  spurred by the demand for easy access to content information and sharing them anytime, anywhere  across all borders. Presently 1.3  billion people use the internet, and almost  2.3 billion people  are using mobile  phones. This means that 87 % of the World’s population is using mobile phone for daily communication.

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