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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Einfachste Möglichkeit um Geld zu verdienen -

Einfachste Möglichkeit um Geld zu verdienen - Du suchst eine einfache Möglichkeit um Geld zu verdienen? Hier zeige ich dir mehrere einfache Möglichkeiten wie du Online Geld...

Mit Instagram Geld verdienen

Mit Instagram Geld verdienen: Mit Instagram Geld verdienen

Money Never Enough by Dwayne Anderson on iBooks

Money Never Enough by Dwayne Anderson on iBooks: Read a free sample or buy "Money " Never Enough by Dwayne Anderson. You can read this book with iBooks...

Why School Never TeachYou How To Get Rich...

Why School Never TeachYou How To Get Rich...: Why School Never TeachYou How To Get Rich #Xmasgifts #

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 

Traveluvphoto at Imgfave

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China  Imgfave
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imgfave travelovphoto 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Feel Rich In Christmas

I am living a comfortable life – all my debts are paid, I don't carry a credit card debt, and I do a good 9-6 job. Yet, I feel I can do better.

I often see people around me – happy yet fulfilled.

Exploring the unchartered waters, I tried my hands on this book. It changed my perspective of financial freedom, which I thought was limited to a 9-6 job.

Feel Rich In Christmas 

As a kid, I have been told that getting good grades and a good job is the ladder to financial freedom. It's a sham. Everything boils down to your financial decisions and this book provides a great foundation to teach you those.

This is a great book for teens, young adults, or adults dipping their toes in the personal finance water who might be intimidated by most financial tomes.

Laura Maya 

This book was comprehensive, crisp, and easy to read. And by "easy" I mean this book provides sound information on the importance of money. It clearly distinguishes the difference between the thinking of the rich and the poor. The biggest revelation for me was that the author is right!
 They never taught me how to be rich at school.