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Instant Profit Instagram tutorial


A Picture  is  Worth a Thousand Words.

Truly Instagram understand the power of this manner  and  utilize the visualizing appealing concept  to work  around  interest of users of  social networking who are prone to sharing images thus helping  it  exceeds
as the fastest  growing  social network platform

Instagram therefore  holds many benefits for your business and one of its  biggest advantages is the ability to tap into the massive amount of free traffic that this popular social network receives each every day!

When it comes to using Instagram as a promotional strategy, it can be an extremely effective tool that has the potential to build brand awareness and bring in a steady flow of new customers for your business fast.

The ebook " Instant Profits Guide to Instagram Success"  is  great guide consisting  of 70  pages specifically designed to show both marketers or beginners on  how Instagram can be used to promote any business, establish Branding effectively  and build a community of like-minded people who are interested  on making  money online .

It  focus especially on the tools feature of  Instagram  through reciprocal likes, hash tags and a lot of other techniques you will be able to find inside to take care of your account, your images and your followers, and how to make money by sharing your  images on this portal.

Everything will be delivered from scratch  with step by step instructions  with  clear  screen shots instruction.

It is a comprehensive guide with simple  easy to understand screenshot pictures which starts  from basic steps to clients approach from doing market  research, utilizing Instagram features and fan pages to  attract subscribers,  driving  traffic to your  websites, and much more.

Save Money - Fizzy Pop

The effect to high cost living  is  affecting everybody  ...

Almost everything in Singapore is expensive – cars, food, housing – you name it.
We see Singaporeans rant about it on social media all the time, but nobody has summed it up as perfectly as local rapper Fizzy Pop in his catchy debut single, “Save Money”.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

China's Mobile Social Media Trends

China’s expanding internet digital media hit 638 Million and e-commerce markets offer opportunities for companies that understand the country’s Internet users.

China’s internet sector has reached a new stage of development and  has been increasing over the years but that growth might  just  not slowed  as yet ,  as   638 million is just  one third  of the  potential market
this potential  growth  is  fuelled by  growth and commonlization  of   the smartphone market  , as a pocket  communication  for everybody   with easy availability   that  boost   smartphone market in China  which  is now  being driven by lower-cost, domestically produced smartphones, especially within rural areas.

China Rising from Third Screen Marketing 

China  which   just  opened  its  market to industrialation since the last 30 years  were  just re-born  to be ready  for this  monstrous  giant  commodization   of the smartphone   and  this  gave China   the opportunity   to  be   almost 100% ready  for its  mobile penetration, monetization of the internet is being spurred by mobile gaming, mobile application , increased e/m -commerce and new forms of mobile payments.

By the end of 2014, the number of mobile phone users in China exceeded one billion, with more than 50% of these being smartphone users. Market watcher   estimates that the penetration rate for smartphones in China will reach 90% or higher this year and China  now is the biggest smartphone producer  and  local smartphone brands, such as Lenovo,oppo , Xiaomi and Coolpad, are pricing at around half the price or less than the latest Apple iPhone. The average purchase price of a smartphone in China dropped  to  USD 280 plus per unit  and even cheaper for those with least feature  function

With the emergence of affordable, domestically produced smartphones, many people in rural areas will be able to access the internet for the first time via mobile phones.  China  with it largest network of magnetic  highspeed train  see itself  with a  small task  objective, the government  beleive they  will be the first World  most populated  country  with the best  internet coverage throughout all  both  major and rural cities  with  improved connectivity both in  desktop broadband  to all the  Newest  Gs  in Mobile connectivity    

 Although  it  has 630 Million user  ,The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) describe there remains a huge untapped population of 450 million people who live in rural areas without service.
The CNNIC  who has  did  sufficient reseach  analysis   on  China   Mobile's penetration capacity  said most of the rural users in China have little education and little need to go online. They recommended that the government focus on education and Internet learning in rural schools, reports state.they estimated   Rural use on mobile internet  will  comprises about 198 million Chinese Internet users.

Mobile  Social Media Trends

Social media use  has  slightly been clamp down  as the  government's  recent crackdowns on corruption and  social media sites  has been ongoing but  China 's undertsanding   that the economy  needs  this new  Mobile technology drive  especially  in messaging , as the world  has seen the recent US$19 billion acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp by Facebook reflects the potential of mobile internet monetization.  WeChat, a messaging service owned by Tencent,  in terms  has a similar   massive potential initiatives to monetize its large  china  user base.

The Chinese  recognize  this potential and Tencent’s share price soared over 90% in 2013 alone. WeChat has 660 million users in China .currently (and 100 million overseas) – numbers that would be hard to replicate anywhere else. With WeChat, Tencent will likely surpass its success with PC internet users and benefit from the new type of consumer behaviour emerging via the mobile internet.

Location Based  Mobile Marketing 

Considering   its  nearby  neighboring  countries in  Asia  , together    China    in Asia   commands  access  to  he highest number of  entertainment    and  computer game players globally. Mobile-gaming  and entertainment   related  advertisement  revenues in  China / Asia have grown fivefold in the past two years alone and are likely to remain a sweet-spot for monetization in the years to come. Entertainment is a key factor for internet usage in China in particular , especially among lower-income youth, due to easy access and affordability. By leveraging its large user base,  Major   internet companies has established clear revenue streams from online games and media apps , which have contributed more than 50% to its total revenue since 2013. With smartphone commoditization, mobile games will likely sustain this growth momentum as online media  enterprises continue to migrate from PC to mobile. All in all the pie  is worth about  13  billion yuan  for 2015

 The mobile internet is Now the biggest new growth engine for e-commerce in China and the rest of the world . Online shopping is booming because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness. And it’s not only young affluent urban dwellers who are purchasing luxury items online at cheaper prices than shopping malls – residents in less-developed regions are buying products that are not available in their home towns. Online transactions reached a value of 2.5billion yuan in 2014, accounting for 7.8% of total retail sales in China,


Research companies   compared    the recent   turnovers  after  the listing of Alibaba on Wallstrret    , and it indicates the total transaction value of mobile shopping in China grew by 185% to 188 billion yuan, taking a 13 % share of the total online shopping market  , and is likely to reach one trillion yuan by 2017, accounting for almost a quarter of the total e/m -commerce space (B2C and C2C). The share of mobile shopping is expected to rise.  the whole online  consumer   market   has  noticed  the recent   migration of Chinese online shoppers from PC to mobile. Firstly, e-commerce giants such as Alibaba  and  many other China  Online Giant  players  are encouraging users to adopt mobile shopping through heavy promotion efforts. Meanwhile Consumers  are also deciding to use their fragmentary time to shop online via their smartphones and tablets as opposed to stepping down to the mall.( save money  on transportation and  Time is  getting  expensive )

Many other large e/m -commerce operators have lost no time recruiting more users by launching similar mobile IM tools, such as Alibaba’s Laiwang, Netease’s Yixin and Suning’s Yunxin. They’ve also made efforts to partner with telcos to lower the traffic threshold to acquire mobile users. Even though Alibaba is the market leader in e-commerce for desktop user  , it still needs to catch up  in the mobile internet users . in 2013/14 , in collaboration with China Unicom and China Mobile, Taobao (Alibaba’s online shopping website  launched a “free traffic” plan by subsidizing users of mobile Taobao and Laiwang  in some cities with 2GB of free traffic per month.

As e/m -commerce in China enters a more mature phase, the focus is now   shifting towards the logistics front, including timely delivery of goods and low-cost storage for sellers. The trend of  service integration will likely continue and  Alibaba   is  playing the leading role   from China .

Simplified Location Based Mobile Marketing Training Guide

Today, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses – many of these on their mobile devices while they are on the move. If your business doesn’t have a profile or page on the most common location portals, you are leaving money on the table for your competitors. Even if you have a mobile website, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a top result on a local search for businesses of your type in your area.
Location Based Mobile Marketing 

But, by engaging your business  on the most popular location services, you will enable consumers to find your business and more effectively rival your local competition, expand your customer base and increase revenues as more consumers discover your establishment.
A recent survey confirm mobile users want to use location-based features such as check-ins, mobile maps and local business searches   and   with  newer 4G  enhanced  services , now is your chance to get your small business on the mobile web map.

World Gone Mobile Apps

Be sure to  Get a copy of this Simplified Location Based Mobile Marketing Training  guide , the route to instant success with Geo-location Social Location & mobile  services

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They Don’t Teach You How to Get Rich at School

Sick of  Hearing  the Same Old Advice ? “ Word Hard , Control your expenses , Credit Card  is a  “No  , NO “ Do not get into Debt  !! 

Debunk  all those assumptions that  you will be  Rich  if you study hard and work  hard . This Book  is actually  not one of those .

 “They don’t teach you how to get rich at school,

 is all about the importance of money. The premise of the book clearly distinguishes the difference between the thinking of the rich and the poor. In essence, the only limitation between you and the rich is in your own mind, and achieving success lies in breaking these walls. At schools, you would have been stuck at algebra, Pythagorean Theorem, and organic chemistry but you never study financial planning, making money, or saving money. The book provides real-life examples to reprogram your thinking to that of the rich and wealthy.

You can't just graduate and leave  formal  education  and expect yourself to be  financially well equipped. Many people think that having a  good education  is sufficient  to  the roads to acquire new wealth  , well they can't be any more wrong! It is having the mindset of the wealthy that will make you rich. That is why many lotto winners who becomes instant millionaires loses most of their money because they don't have the proper mindset to maintain or grow their money.

You’ll discover why  some of your money beliefs might be wrong and  that could be holding you back , you  need to consider   what are the principles and what behaviors the rich have , that  you  do not have (Yet )
They Don't Teach  You How To Get Rich at School 

Laura Maya takes this idea and breaks it into twelve chapters. You wouldn’t find a recipe to turn rich overnight. Rather, the book provides a solid foundation for setting the psychological stage for strong financial habits.

Social Go Mobile , World Gone Mobile Apps

The increasing popularity of the Internet — coupled with maturing online payment systems and enhanced logistics service reliability — has fueled e-commerce growth globally . 

World Gone Mobile Apps

The world is witnessing a shift in how people discover and share information using mobile internet enabled devices worldwide and typically the Greater china where the social, digital and mobile ecosystem in China is unlike anywhere else on earth.

It utilizes both the processing and mobility advantage which smartphones offer.

Real-time experience means that we can reach out and engage with friends, associates and customers at any time, place at anywhere without constraints. 

Consumers are sharing information and, at the same time, gaining immense knowledge at a faster speed.This is thanks to the services like tweets, social media posts and the newly evolved messaging -based apps with prominent new social platforms namely Snap chat, LINE, Whisper and Wechat who themselves has evolved from simple SMS text to becoming increasingly influential service provider with messaging ads and stickers that trends well with Mobile phone users, Social media services therefore will become more noisy with crowded ads contributing to messaging apps and user with preference for user- friendliness apps will seek out simpler, clearer and easiest platforms to make communication and have fun at the same time at no expense.

The Easy Access of the Internet on smartphones and other mobile devices has changed the way people communicate and consume information. It has created new ways of information dissemination and consumption; and it is still on its way to creating new ones.

World Gone Mobile Apps

These allow consumers to make more and more quickly and informed decisions based on real-time datas on-the-go.
What does this mean for businesses enterprises and Branding throughout the World?
As consumers start to adapt to the power of mobile devices, it will cause a domino effect on every economy and starts to transform.

It will adapt to the new mobile technologies which has proven to be challenging.

Mobile social media technologies have proven to be highly effective and valuable when consumed on the go and especially whenever and wherever businesses are concerned.

Think Rich - Money Can Never Be Enough

All of us want to be happy and have enough money, it is true that "Money isn't Everything" but the reality is that many ideas in this world require money to materialize, they may not even guarantee a happy life, but they are a pretty good basis to learn how to build happiness on ... for now.

The sad opinion is - "Happiness that Money Brings cannot last".

I took to write this book after reading a translated chinese article by a famous Hongkong tycoon; the translated quote depicts how every salaried person need to struggle each day trying to recover his daily expenditure and living his life facing such rat race will just keeps all this people locked down with each day only looking for ways and means to earn money .. the struggle pushes on.

Ebook available  at Ibookstore ( Apple ), Kobo , B&N from 1st December 2015   

"With Money, people cannot necessarily materialize everything, however without money many things cannot be accomplished".

This book tells you how to change your thermostat to think rich. Furthermore, it stresses on having an entrepreneur mindset and that the best way to escape the rat race and to be successful is to take action today. Really insightful and hard hitting.

Money Never Enough