Saturday, April 27, 2013

Have Fun with Mobile Tagging - QR Codes, SnapTags and more

Connecting the digital and physical worlds– tags are on tangible things – like products, signage, flyers, countertops,display windows, print ads (newspapers, magazines and more.) Scanning themconnects the consumer to a relevant digital experience. Using tags allows you tomeasure response rates to a particular marketing effort.
There are anumber of different mobile tagging apps that you can use to tie physicalmarketing materials to your mobile website, texting program or other mobilemarketing services. Some mobile tagging services to consider are:
·        QR Codes
·        Microsoft Tags
·        SnapTags
QR codes are a type of 2D barcode made upof a series of square dots that encode alphanumeric data. When scanned, yoursmart phone reads the data and takes the action indicated, whether it sends theuser to the home page of your website, to a special offer you’ve created oreven your company Facebook page.

QRcodes were created in Japan and have been widely used there and in Europe, butare just evolving into wide use in America in the past couple of years. Thegreat thing about QR codes is that they are free to use and there are a numberof free applications you can use to easily create them for your small business.The downside is that they are more functional than aesthetically pleasing. ( see Picture ) 

Microsoft tags are much like QR codes in theirfunctionality, but have more visual style. Another plus to Microsoft tags isthat you can easily create a custom tag in just a minute or two for absolutelyno cost. There are five different types of Microsoft tags:
·        URL tags – these open a webpage on the customer’s mobile phone and sends them to a specific page of yourmobile site or a video or some other type of content.
·        vCard tags – these open avirtual business card that customers can add instantly to their contact list.
·        App Download tags – itrecognizes the type of mobile device and sends the customer to the appropriatedownload source to get your mobile app.
·        Free Text tags – this displaystext of up to 1,000 characters, but is not an SMS/text message, it simplydisplays the text.
·        Dialer tags – thisautomatically dials a specific phone number that you specify – it can be yourbusiness number, a help-line or even an automatic voice message.
SnapTags  work in much the same way as QRcodes and Microsoft tags, but typically take either your company logo or associated icon and convert it to an interactive tool that will direct people to your digital content. The upside of using a SnapTag is the advanced customization and visual appeal; the downside is that both creation and use ofthe tags come with a price tag. 

Mobile Coupon Redemption 

There are several different types of SnapTags:
·        Branded SnapTags – these are tiedto a particular marketing campaign and can take you to product information, aspecial promotion or something similar.
·        Social SnapTags – these arelinked to your Facebook or other social media account and allow the consumer toeasily “like” you or “follow” you depending on which social media site it istied to.
·        Buy It Now SnapTags – these arelinked to a specific product and take the consumer to an instant “buy it now”window where they can buy your product or service instantly.
·        Action SnapTags – theseinitiate specific actions when scanned, such as getting a mobile coupon,emailing you, accessing your website, viewing video or requesting information.
·        Mobile Giving SnapTags – these allowyour customers to make a donation to a specific charity you have selected. Youcan even offer to match customer donations to promote your brand.

No matter which platform you decide to try, mobile tagging is a great way to make use of everyinch of physical advertising space available. These can be created and placedon your checkout counters, takeout menus, packaging, posters, flyers, printads, on your car or anywhere there is a physical surface and will increase yourbrand recognition.

Good Contents Attract Traffic Will Boost Making Money Chances with Mobile Phone Affiliates

Do you want to profit from the popularity of mobile phones?  Do you want to do so without making a large investment?  If so, start a website and work as a paid affiliate.  But, how do you get started?

Join an affiliate program.  Perform a standard internet search with anything that is remotely related to cell phones.  View the page for information on affiliates.  This information is typically found at the bottom of the page and in small print.

An affiliate is someone who helps to generate sales.  Many companies use affiliate programs as marketing tactics.  Instead of doing their own marketing, they allow website owners, like you, to do it.  When you join an affiliate program, you get links and banners.  You position these on your website.  Whenever a click is made that results in a sale, you make money!  It is very easy to get started.

As previously stated, you need to visit the online websites of companies or individuals who sell mobile phones and accessories.  If an affiliate program is available, apply.  You may need to visit a third party website, such as Commission Junction or LinkShare.  These websites handle affiliate marketing programs, such as payment and tracking.  In fact, you should visit these websites and search for cell phones, mobile phones, and other electronics retailers too.

When most people think of mobile phones, the phones themselves often come to mind.  Yes, you want to join affiliate programs for cell phone stores and cell phone providers, like Verizon Wireless, but expand your horizons.  Look at every aspect of a cell phone.  For example, mobile phone owners buy accessories, ringtones, games, and they subscribe to text message services.  These are all ways that you can make money.  Find companies who offer affiliate programs and apply.

As stated above, you need to apply for an affiliate program.  Some companies are picky.  Many want their links to appear on well established websites.  Regardless of your traffic, a good website will still increase your chances of gaining admission into an affiliate program.  A good website is one that is marketed online and has good content.

If you want to make money through mobile phone affiliates, you need to have related content on your website.  Good examples include buying guides, phone reviews, accessory reviews, and so forth.  If you aren’t good at writing, consider hiring a professional writer.  If not, take your time and proofread each article before posting it.

In terms of internet marketing, the more traffic your website receives the more you can make through an affiliate program.  There are many ways to market a website.  You can buy advertisements on other websites, submit articles with links to article directories, promote your website in message board signatures, and learn about search engine optimization.

Mobile Website 

Good content and traffic will increase your chances of making money with mobile phone affiliates, but ad placement is important too.  You want to target all website visitors, even those who leave within a few seconds.  If you don’t have what they were looking for, be sure to have catchy advertisements readily available.  For that reason, place all affiliate banners above the fold, which is the portion of the webpage you can see without scrolling down.

In short, making money through affiliate programs is a very easy process.  Once you develop a website, put affiliate banners on it, and drive traffic, you should start seeing sales.  Although these sales will start out small, think of the big picture.  Affiliate programs generate residual income, meaning it continues to grow overtime.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Engagement Trends in Location-Based Mobile Marketing

No matter what type of device they use, more and more consumers are browsing the web on the go for places of business near them. Not only do consumers use their smart phones to find businesses, they actually use them while shopping, dining and spending.
A recent study showed that 55% of smart phone users will comparison shop on their device while in a store – nearly 47% will search for reviews while shopping – 21% searched for coupons to use instantly – 12% opted to buy online instead of in-store and over 5% searched for a recommendation on the business or product from their friends.

Consumers age 25-44 are most likely to comparison shop and search for reviews on products, services and businesses using their mobile devices. If these ages are in your target demographic, this lets you know that location-based mobile marketing services would likely be used by your target customer.
When it comes to location-based mobile marketing, coupons are increasingly popular. 44% of smart phone users have redeemed an online coupon and 18% have redeemed a mobile coupon. Another growing outlet for location-based mobile marketing services is QR codes. Over one-third of mobile devices have a QR code scanner.

In fact, all location-based mobile marketing trends are on the upswing. Last year, over half of all local business searches were conducted via a mobile phone or other mobile device such as a tablet or web-enabled iPod.
 Location-basedmarketing services are now getting even more local with the emergence ofproximity marketing. Already huge in Japan, proximity marketing is now trending in Europe and spreading to the US. Using proximity marketing, the nearness of a consumer to a specific object or physical location triggers a specific action.

NFC chips, QR codes and other new technologies can provide consumers with an interactive experience. QR codes in particular are attractive for both consumers and vendors because they are free to set up and easy to use. As more businesses use QR codes, their increased presence will increase consumer interest and use of the tool.

As more and more consumers seek to engage with local businesses, it will become more and more critical for business owners to equip their establishments to accommodate the increasing demand for mobile interaction. Consumers now prefer establishments that offer free Wi-Fi and this baseline service will be a necessity if you want to expand your mobile strategy to embrace proximity marketing. By hosting Wi-Fi services for customers, you’ll be able to offer fast-loading content attached to proximity items such as QR codes and NFC chips.

 More advanced proximity tools such as iSign allow you to ping a customer’s smart phone as soon as they enter or near (1KM  or less depending on your platform and technology) your establishment and ask if they would like an offer from your establishment. The mobile consumer can click yes or no. Current response rates are nearing 25% and may induce drive-by customers that may not have been planning a visit to your store to stop by and transact with you.  55% Percent of consumers  express an interest  in Mobile  coupons but only 10% have actually received one from a merchant . This trend  will further improve  since iSign  proves effective  to get merchant and consumers to  engage better with the new  facility .

 Mobile marketing is here to stay, is prevalent and constantly evolving. Ignoring this trend will be at great peril to your business. The good news is that many aspects of mobile marketing have a very low cost to use and a low barrier to entry.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

How Catering Business and Restaurant Embrace Mobile Social Marketing Strategies

 With mobile technology quickly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives . It has become vital to pay attention to the wide-spread influence of the mobile device as it  has become a highly influential marketing tool for businesses world-wide. 
Even  so , while it is  the  most promising  marketing  tools , it  shockingly  reported  that a study  in 2012 made  by  Restaurant Sciences Industry  confirmed   that  95% of independent restaurants don’t have a website optimized for mobile devices and only about 50% of chain restaurants have one. Mobile applications ( mobile apps  ) used by restaurant and  development  to use them  to  work specifically  for  Chain restaurant  has been  just  picking up

With millions of active  mobile  accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, restaurant owners now have the ability to directly access their customer base on a daily basis ,it is  therefore   Not likely  that  Mobile technology  will be  going away and its usage will keep  increasing  by the day.

All  types of Mobile applications will therefore  present companies with unique opportunities to increase revenue and customer loyalty and they offer  full accessibility  to user on the  go .
Mobile  Social media outlets provide the best  and most ideal  way to share tantalizing information that will satisfy  all hungry  customers  with  Good Food  for Thought  .. Reach your customers on your mobile social media platform  of choice by sharing any of the following information:

Embracing Mobile Technology

Mobile websites will   offer  the  first major benefit.  . A mobile website can be optimized for search engines  for your restaurant  and it can be  optimized to use for  most type  of  mobile devices, the ever increasing usage of mobile devices for browsing the mobile  internet means your restaurant’s online presence will appreciated well by customers 

Mobile apps
Like most  general mobile applications , most apps  offer as the menu  to  the restaurant’s  information source. Contact information, nutritional facts, location search tools, and menus dominate these types of apps, but a restaurant app can be more than an information source.It also can serve  as  Online Order  tools . Restaurants with online ordering systems offer customers the ability to browse  online and place an order for pick up via their mobile device or computer or relatively   in the restaurant or  for  early booking  avoiding  the  queue   for  advance  food ordering concept . Such application can be incorporated   into  the restaurant’s own reservation system or utilize as an online booking network  reservation services  to allow diners to easily reserve a table.

With  special  custom mobile application , restaurants  now have the opportunity to promote  unique or exclusive  dining experience while increasing business and building brand loyalty.
This  might  include
•       Offering  guests a discount if they uploaded a review  to specific Mobile ads  site 
•       Reward uploaded photos to some Mobile promo  sites  with a free drink or small dessert
•       Encourage spreading your name through any other food-related app with rewards 
•       Mobile Games competition

In the current mobile market, many restaurateurs  participate  and  utilize  major mobile apps  with mobile marketing  sites  like   Yelp, Foodspotting and OpenTable to market their  Food and wine  establishments which  allows users to be  able to directly share reviews, event scheduling , photos, check-ins and more with their social friends network  .Various other social networks can be integrated into your restaurant application to facilitate a seamless process for diners to share their experiences. 


Some  good example for  integrating social networks ,like  Foursquare   will benefits to your restaurant by  its  word of mouth sharing ,check-in review , or coupon redemption  campaign . Pictures of food dominate social photo sharing sites these day  as friends  share around  wonderful pictures of the  food  meals  that they enjoyed  making it a great option to integrate into your restaurant application.  Restaurants can also include an interactive events promotion  to inform potential diners about exciting parties or event like Happy  hour , wine tasting  at your restaurant in order to  bring diners back to your establishment again and again.
The potential benefits of  an effective mobile social  strategies  to the restaurant industry are virtually limitless. .Reaching  out   to  your customers effectively and stay actively engaged with mobile social media opportunities will only grow in popularity as more people embrace the ease-of-use and convenience of their mobile devices.